Rahwa Habte - AnchorBridge

Rahwa Habte – Senior Recruitment Consultant

With over 8 years of talent acquisition experience, Rahwa Habte has established herself as a leader in full-cycle recruiting. Leveraging robust sourcing strategies, optimized processes, and creative campaigning, she has consistently driven organizational growth and transformation across technology startups and corporates alike.

As the sole Contract Recruiter at RS Eden, Rahwa demonstrated her ability to build high-impact recruitment functions from the ground up. In just 3 months, she scaled hiring from 0 to 50+ hires, reduced time-to-fill by 25%, and implemented foundational infrastructure to enable continued expansion.

Likewise, at Active Network, Rahwa overhauled existing procedures to achieve quantifiable gains – cutting time-to-hire in half, boosting candidate satisfaction by 20%, and expanding diversity hiring by 25%. Her data-backed approach and customized interview framework set new benchmarks for recruiting excellence.

Additionally, Rahwa has been commended for her consultative partnerships with leading innovators like Uber, Twilio, and SurveyMonkey to create tailored DEI recruitment strategies. By leveraging her network and creative sourcing tactics, she has increased diverse representation in key roles by over 25% at multiple organizations.

As she steps into a Senior Recruitment Consultant role, Rahwa brings a balanced mix of strategic perspective, tactical optimization, and inclusivity advocacy. Her passion for mentorship, process enhancements, and talent pipeline development position her to make an immediate impact. Powered by her proven ability to surpass benchmarks related to productivity, quality of hire, and diversity hiring, she is undoubtedly poised to spearhead industry-leading recruitment practices at AnchorBridge.